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crimeThe number of crimes deemed to be domestic-related increased by 12% (+266 offences) in 2017/18. Domestic related crimes accounted for 13% of all crime in the Borough (the same proportion as was reported in the previous year).[1]

There were 5,539 domestic related incidents in 2017/18. The number of domestic-related incidents reported to Northumbria Police increased by 7% (+340 reports) in 2017/18.[1]

During 2017/18, there were 1,353 referrals into the Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy (IDVA) Service, with the engagement rate of high risk victims remaining high at 58%.[1]

Operation Encompass has been running in Gateshead since April 2015. The aim of Encompass is to share relevant information with schools following an incident of domestic abuse where children are involved. All of Gateshead's schools have signed up to the programme. Since the start of the programme there have been 3,223 domestic-related incidents involving children. In total there were 6,420 children involved in these incidents, with 7 years the average age of the child. More than half of the incidents reported involved households with multiple children.[1]

[1] Community Safety Partnership Strategic Assessment, 2017/18

Last modified on 6th August 2018

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