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Diagnosed/Estimated prevalence of various conditions in the Gateshead population [Chart - Prevalence of various conditions]:[1]

Long Term Conditions Table

There are 52,679 people with one or more of the common long term conditions (LTCs) in Gateshead, of whom 8274 have three or more LTCs.[2] This excludes people who have less common LTCs. The risk of unplanned hospitalisation increases with increasing number of LTCs.

emergencyThe rate of emergency admissions in Gateshead for people where a chronic ambulatory condition was the primary diagnosis (1054 per 100,000 population) is significantly higher than the England average (823 per 100,000 population), after adjusting for the age profile of the population.[3]

The gap in the employment rate between those with an LTC and the overall employment rate was 15.6 percentage points in Gateshead in 2018/19. For England as a whole, the gap is 11.5 percentage points [Chart - Gap in employment LTC vs overall].[4]

The proportion of people feeling supported to manage their condition in 2018/19 was 57.3% in Gateshead compared to an England average of 58.4%.[5]

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Last modified on 5th March 2020

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