Case studies

Case Study ManBen... Gateshead resident, Ben is supported by local charity Fulfilling Lives. When referred, he had multiple issues - he was homeless, misusing substances, had a history of offending and a history of suicide attempts.

He has significant physical health and mobility issues following an accidental fall. He has been subjected to physical assaults, often resulting in him being hospitalised and is engaged in risky drug taking behaviour. He is also vulnerable to financial abuse. Ben is currently living in a more rural Gateshead area, but is not managing his tenancy and has significant rent arrears. Mobility issues mean he finds it hard to get around or keep appointments and this isolation has sometimes stopped him staying on prescription for methadone. Ben's Fulfilling Lives navigator has been encouraging him to engage with therapeutic interventions around his drug use, which he has previously stated he did not want to access.

Last modified on 29th January 2019

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